Safety Rules

hunting safety rules


The guides at Rand Creek Outfitters want your Wyoming hunting trip to be a memorable one, but with that, are safety rules that we please ask you to abide by during the hunt. Our hunting guides are flexible, but want everyone to have a safe hunt.

  1. When handling firearms please be knowledgable with the firearm you bring. Know the rules and regulations of carrying a firearm.

  2. There will be absolutely no alcohol of any form used while out in the hunting field.  When you return to the guest ranch or camp each night, you certainly may have an evening night cap. This is not only for the safety of our clients, but also for our guides and other employees. If you decide you need/ want a drink during the day that is fine, but you will be done hunting for that day.

  3. Please be thoughtful when bringing valuables. We do not have a safe of any sort to store items so please consider this when packing for your hunting trip. We are not responsible for any stolen property.

  4. If you are not prepared to follow our rules of safety, we will have to ask you not to hunt. All fees, deposits and payments will be non-refundable.

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